July 5, 2013

Through The Loop I found an article on simplicity and getting rid of a lot of physical media and clutter, aka crap, from your house that may have once served a purpose but no more.

In a fit of madness I glanced at the comments and they started off with someone blaming Oprah for brainwashing the masses to get rid of their things… Anyway, it's always fun to hear the putdowns when you decide to get rid of your crap. Words like "Spartan", "cold", "empty" and such are thrown around, the whole notion is dismissed and done!

Thing is, what you throw out is the crap in your life.
Piles of papers that have long since lost their usefulness, obsolete containers for media of all kinds, random crap you just have lying around because you don't want to think about what to do with them. If you love something dearly then it's not crap so you keep it, not that hard.

When you take the time and actually clean stuff up by eliminating the things you don't need you have a choice: leave the place emptier or put other things in there that do have value and now actually can fit where you want to put them.

Getting rid of Stuff1 is not about creating a zen temple in your house, it is about moving forward. How you move forward is up to you put don't let things that are there just because they're there slowly take over your life. Consider that if you're afraid of even thinking about cleaning up what a vice-grip your crap has on your mind.

Exactly how much Stuff you want in your life is entirely up to you, but everyone has things they don't need anymore. Take a weekend and toss 'em away and put some flowers in the place they took up. Enjoy.

  1. Be sure to watch George Carlin's take on Stuff

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